Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Doers Song (ANTHEM)

Hear it here:

We were in our different worlds
A chord of uniqueness bound us together
We met at church and hugged each other
Had a conversation over a cup of tea.

And this is how it all began (3)

Late night walks and horny talks
With arguments and different school of thoughts
We never knew that we could get so far
To learning different things from one another

For this is how it all began (3)

The spirit is in everyone
To do the things that no one else has done
So come out and open up
To make a difference to the world

Say what you wanna say
Do what you wanna do
Say it now, do it now
Right away~

For this is how it all began (3)

(composed by The Doers) dt: October2006

1 comment:

shireen said...

simple and nice lyrics.. it all begins with determination after all... hope i can listen to the song sometime..